Who is Djubo for?+
How easy is it for me to stop using the system?+
Why do I need a channel manager for my hotel?+
How does my hotel property benefit from Djubo?+
How can I start using Djubo?+
What kind of support do I get in case of any queries?+

Distribution Channels

Which channels will I get by using Djubo?+
What if a distribution channel is not covered by Djubo? Can we introduce an online distribution channel manually?+
How many days of booking can be managed at a time through Djubo?+
How will it impact the pricing if I want to be connected to more channels in the future?+
Can Djubo connect me to a channel that might not be in the list?+


What kind of service support can be expected?+
What features are being planned for the future?+
Is my data secure with Djubo? How?+
Do I need to install any special kind of software for Djubo?+
Are there any specific system requirements for Djubo to function properly?+


Are there any long-term pricing contracts?+
What types of payment do you accept?+

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