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Always ON,

DJUBO's integrates an always-on channel manager with its centralized reservation system to make room distribution to all your OTAs completely automated, seamless and in real-time.

You never have to worry about updating your room inventory on any of your online sales channels, because DJUBO ensures that if you have an empty room, it is immediately pushed out to the OTAs.

Accelerated Room Inventory Distribution

Any change made to the booking chart, be it a reservation from any channel or a cancellation, your room inventory is updated in real-time across all OTAs.
Be present on more OTAs, with less effort to maximize online visibility, and your revenues.
Maintain the same rates on all channels to avoid losing potential revenue.
Implement better revenue strategies with multiple rate plans for different seasons with the flexibility to manage rates right down to the day of the week.
Real-time data sync ensures that all OTAs and your hotel booking chart are updated immediately to avoid conflicting reservations.
Last-minute cancellations become easier to sell, with real-time inventory updation of channel manager.

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